Collection: Communication Skills Applied

Collection Overview

There are many skills your employees can take advantage of to improve themselves and your company – from the specific hard skills they need in their department, to soft skills that can help everyone. But if there is one skill that stands out from all the rest, that is communication.

Knowing how to communicate with each other correctly will make your employees more understanding, it will encourage working well with co-workers and other teams, and will create better communication channels throughout the whole company. So, if you want better collaboration for your teams, communication training is the way to go.

In this collection of courses your teams will learn how to communicate better under stress. They will understand both how to use and how to interpret body language, and learn about the importance of their tone of voice. The collection also includes courses on email etiquetteassertive communicationmanaging anger, and more.

Each course in this collection takes 15 minutes or less to complete and will help everyone in the company improve their communication skills.